Folks With The Most Conscientious Character Sort Share These 5 Darkish Traits

The 16 character varieties within the Myers-Briggs spectrum all have strengths and weaknesses, however in addition they have a darkish facet that hides quietly beneath the floor of their different character traits.

For the ESTJ character sort (which stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Pondering, and Judging), this sensible, organized, and dependable Myers-Briggs character sort has loads of unfavourable traits that appear to contradict their strengths.

Nonetheless, ESTJ strengths embody being educated leaders who advocate for vital causes. They’re glorious organizers who’re nice at delegating duties, all to make the world a greater place by talking their minds.

Regardless of these optimistic traits, ESTJs are likely to get in their very own means.

5 Darkish Traits of the ESTJ Character Sort

1. Cussed

ESTJs are rigid and cussed. They assume they know every little thing, and when you do not agree with them or change your plans for them, they get offended.

Folks with this character sort actually need others to see it their means. However as a result of they’re all the time deliberate and by no means spontaneousness, it is exhausting for them to regulate their pondering and adapt to a brand new scenario.

2. Tense

ESTJs are uncomfortable with unconventional conditions, particularly the place issues do not go their means. They’re the masters of their area and don’t desire anyone spoiling that. Conditions that aren’t to their liking make them jumpy.

ESTJs must study that not every little thing is about them and to drift, relatively than messing issues up for everyone round them. Uncomfortable conditions will come up; that is simply a part of life.

3. Judgmental

ESTJs love to guage individuals even once they have flaws of their very own. They make judgments about others to really feel good quantity themselves, however it’s as a result of their vanity is low they usually want affirmation by bullying different individuals.

ESTJs are likely to put individuals down with out even realizing it. However they need to perceive that bullying others is not going to give them confidence or energy. As a substitute, they need to look within the mirror and see themselves for who they are surely.


4. Snobby

Specializing in what’s socially acceptable makes ESTJs appear fairly snobby. In truth, some may say it is the largest of the ESTJ weaknesses.

This character sort likes to be the focus — a lot in order that they should be the leaders of their social teams. However they’re targeted so intently on their social standing that they’ll danger their bodily and psychological well being.

Appearances are every little thing to ESTJs, however they’ll lead a a lot more healthy life once they really feel good on the within. So, it is for one of the best that ESTJs come again all the way down to earth and cease being so caught up.

5. Stoic

Even once they’re feeling overwhelmed, ESTJs lack emotion and are available off callous. They do not specific feelings as a result of they assume it is a signal of weak spot, however displaying a little bit humility is what makes individuals relatable.

When ESTJs do not specific feelings, it makes individuals not wish to be round them. For ESFJs, displaying a little bit empathy will not damage them.

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