December 1, 2023


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The Dachshund’s distinctive technique of sitting on its proprietor “for hours” has been seen 19 million occasions

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Dachshund sits in owner

The canine has taken the that means of “clinging” to an entire new degree.

TikTok user @aubreynicole2304The one in Hawaii posted a clip displaying how her dachshund loves to sit down on her and it is in contrast to something you have ever seen earlier than. As soon as he obtained into place, he would sit like that for hours.

When you assume your canine will not go away your aspect, this canine beats that by one million. It appears like a human child tied to its mom.

The viral video has been seen greater than 19.4 million occasions because it was posted on November 2, and has acquired greater than 1.9 million likes and 14,900 feedback.

The dachshund sits in the owner's sweatshirt
Screenshots from a viral video on TikTok displaying a dachshund sporting his proprietor’s shirt. This canine will keep contained in the shirt for hours.

Discuss wanting as cozy as a bug within the rug. This dachshund made it simple to get into his mom’s shirt, as a result of he had most likely finished it a couple of times earlier than.

How did viewers react?

This lovable video rapidly captured the hearts of netizens and went viral inside the first few days of its publication. The one factor viewers can agree on is the truth that that is typical dachshund conduct.

One dachshund proprietor commented: “I’ve two of them! They actually assume they’re people!” One other viewer stated: “My dachshund does this however then tries to flee by my sleeve.”

“Who can blame him? He appears comfy,” @sprucecreek wrote.

Newsweek He was contacted for remark by way of TikTok.

Dachshunds love to cover

One of many causes this dachshund loves to twist up underneath mother’s shirts is due to the historical past of the canine breed. Dachshunds are “den” animals, that means they have been bred to hunt animals that dwell in burrows, in accordance with the affiliation. National Association for Canine Research in AmericaOr NCRAOA. This conduct is now being seen, as Dachshunds like to cover in blankets or pillows.

As a result of this can be a handed down trait, NCRAOA states that homeowners mustn’t attempt to cease the Dachshund from digging. Dachshunds additionally dig as a security mechanism after they really feel afraid or anxious.

Nevertheless, there are some indicators to search for, as an excessive amount of digging could also be a priority. Examine to see in case your canine appears depressed or anxious, if she or he is just not getting sufficient sleep and in case your canine has begun to own his dens. If these issues don’t go away, NCRAOA recommends consulting together with your veterinarian.

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